Industry White Paper

Lessons Learned: Developing a 25 kW DC Fast EV Charging Module

April 01, 2024 by onsemi
Topics Covered
  • PFC Stage DESAT Protection
  • DAB DCDC Stage DESAT Protection Enhancement
  • PFC Stage SiC PIM Layout
  • Control Design
  • Loop−Back Testing

White Paper Overview 

In this deep dive into the development of onsemi’s 25 kW DC fast charging reference design, you will learn design tips and tricks from both hardware and firmware perspectives. Supported with waveform analyses, the paper walks you through the design approach and takes you through the debug phase. It explains how you can test and fine-tune short-circuit desaturation protection and reveals the cause of SiC MOSFET drain voltage ringing and the impact of adding a snubber capacitor. Read on to find solutions such as testing Device Under Test (DUT) with lower power equipment and understand Phase Shifted Dual Active Bridge control algorithm design.