Industry White Paper

Microchip SiC Power Solutions Guide

August 18, 2022 by Future Electronics
Topics Covered
  • MOSFET Gate Oxide: Stability and Lifetime
  • Stability of Body Diode
  • Avalanche-Rugged MOSFET Operation
  • How Smart Gate Drivers Enable System Optimization

Guide Overview 

Microchip’s Silicon Carbide (SiC) power solutions include over 20 years of experience developing, designing, and bringing support on SiC devices, allowing designers to adopt this technology with speed, ease, and confidence. With the broadest and most flexible portfolio on SiC products and solutions, Microchip is a leader in the industry, providing the lowest system costs and fastest time to market at the lowest risk.

Using this comprehensive guide, engineers will feel confident to switch to Silicon Carbide (SiC). They can leverage SiC's low switching losses, improved system efficiency, high power density in a smaller footprint, 3x superiority to silicon in thermal conduction, and many other benefits. Download your copy here!