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Microwaves and Beyond

October 20, 2020 by Rohde & Schwarz Download PDF

Poster Overview

As the need for more bandwidth and higher data rates continues to drive next-generation mobile communication systems, microwave frequencies and beyond are becoming a key tool for engineers to leverage. Electronic devices are pushing the frequency spectrum higher, necessitating new coaxial connectors to handle the higher frequencies with waveguides often used at the millimeter end of the spectrum. 

This reference poster from Rohde & Schwarz summarizes the many size variations required to cover the bands up to 1.7 THz, including the frequency band designations D-Band and G-Band — potential sub-THz bands for upcoming gigabit communications beyond 5G.

In this poster, you will find: 

  • important RF lookup tables
  • signal level conversions
  • essential formulas
  • an estimation table for mismatch and measurement uncertainty

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