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Millimeter-Wave Receiver Calibration Made Easier, Cheaper, and Faster

February 17, 2021 by Keysight Technologies Download PDF

White Paper Overview

As bandwidths grow wider and frequencies soar to millimeter-wave and beyond, small margins for error on wideband measurements force RF engineers to look for new ways to reduce linear errors. Even short cables can cause tremendous losses at millimeter-wave frequencies. Correcting for magnitude and phase errors in your setup allows you to get the most out of your measurements and see your device’s real performance. But receiver calibration methods are often expensive, complex, and time-consuming. Until now, a single device to quickly and easily calibrate your signal analyzer did not exist. 

In this whitepaper from Keysight Technologies, learn about how Keysight's U9361 RCal Receiver Calibrator allows for better accuracy, efficiency, and value by moving the reference plane to the device under test.

This White Paper Covers:

  • Challenges with traditional methods
  • Calibration solutions
  • U9361 RCal receiver calibrator features and applications
  • Keysight's X-Series Signal Analyzer portfolio

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