The life cycles and operation of line-replaceable unit (LRU) test systems are governed by aerospace program cycles. Countless aerospace LRU testers are still in service because programs did not include the budget or time to update and extend the capability of deployed systems. When a test architecture can’t meet all test requirements, proposing changes to the status quo solution can be difficult because the program must balance the schedule and cost impact of making alterations. This leads to decades-old test systems with few technology updates still in operation. Almost universally across the industry, deferring test infrastructure upgrades results in the accumulation of technical risk because each deferment increases the cost and risk associated with an upgrade on a subsequent program. This lack of technological readiness can limit an aerospace program’s options for meeting its test and quality requirements and hinder its ability to be innovative and competitive.

NI and its ecosystem of partner companies are focused on accelerating the process of building an aerospace LRU test system so you can focus on what matters more: using your unique expertise to produce an optimized product. 

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