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New Optical Interface Enhances Industrial Machinery

June 04, 2021 by Yokowo Download PDF

Tech Paper Overview

The rise of smart factories and industry 4.0 has been powered by several technological advancements including fiber optics. The development of lower cost and more robust fiber optic cables/connectors and transceivers has enabled the technology to expand beyond traditional telecom and datacom applications and into the factory. Fiber optics provide the high speed data transmission and bandwidth required for machine vision applications that provide imaging-based automatic inspection and analysis, as well as robot guidance.

There are many different types of fiber optic connector options available, and selecting the right one for a specific application can be difficult. In machine vision systems, a fiber optic system must not only deliver high signal integrity and durability, but also reliability and ease of use. In addition, many machine vision camera systems have size constraints.

This tech paper from Yokowo provides a description of current fiber optic cables and connectors as well as an introduction to the next generation connectivity solutions for machine vision applications.

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