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New semiconductor technologies are driving higher efficiency in power conversion

March 21, 2022 by UnitedSiC (Qorvo) Download PDF

White Paper Overview

Power conversion is a common element in almost every electronic device, implemented in a variety of topologies. New and emerging applications bring their own unique requirements, putting pressure on engineers to develop AC-DC and DC-DC converters that offer the optimum balance of performance and efficiency. However, this isn’t always a simple task. Choosing the right topology is only the beginning of the challenge - it is also necessary to select power components carefully and as new semiconductor technologies come to market, engineers have the opportunity to discover and evaluate new solutions to old problems.

Topics include:

  • Emerging Applications
  • Conversion Topologies
  • The LLC Converter
  • Semiconductor Switches & Their Figures of Merit

This white paper by UnitedSiC (Qorvo) provides the context behind the development of new semiconductor technologies with examples given of innovative parts that are placed to provide the right mix of features for current and emerging power conversion applications.

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