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Not All Spring-Loaded Connectors are Created Equal – Enabling Next Generation Wearable Devices

February 28, 2021 by Yokowo Download PDF

Tech Paper Overview

Wearable electronic devices have entered the mainstream, and yet there is still great potential for further expansion in both the consumer and medical markets. Growth in wearable devices can be attributed to advancements in wireless networks, antenna technology, and the miniaturization of rugged and reliable components. Although many of these components are critical for wearable technology, antenna connectors play a particularly vital role. Wearable antenna systems must be able to support several wireless technologies including GPS, BlueTooth, and RF protocols (among others).

To meet wearable design requirements, antenna connectors must provide a stable contact and withstand shock and vibration, as well as offer a high degree of shielding against electromagnetic interference. Rugged spring-loaded pogo pin connectors for wearable devices provide resistance to additional environmental factors (e.g., contact with water and cleaning chemicals ensuring long operating life for wearable devices).

In this paper you will learn:

  • How pogo pin connectors have evolved to meet design challenges
  • How pogo pin contacts provide critical space savings, consistent and proven performance, with significant cost reductions
  • How Yokowo connectors withstand the shock and vibration common to wearable devices and maintain strong, reliable connections that extend the life of the end products

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