Industry White Paper

Optimizing Embedded Systems Power Requirements with Hybrid PMIC Design

June 22, 2021 by ROHM Semiconductor

White Paper Overview

Building blocks of modern embedded systems, including processors, SoCs, system DRAM, non-volatile memories, sensors, and connectivity modules, have varied power requirements. On one extreme, a system power management IC (PMIC) integrates all or almost all of the required power rails. On the other hand, individual power rails are implemented using discrete dc/dc and LDOs. Thus, the best approach will depend on particular use cases and users’ criteria. PMICs tend to offer better performance and controllability in a smaller footprint, while discrete solutions are more cost-effective. However, there is a “hybrid” approach to achieve the best of both worlds — using ‘small’ PMICs to implement power rails for performance and programmability, and discrete for everything else.

This whitepaper from ROHM Semiconductor explores the benefits of using the approach described above.