Industry White Paper

Overcoming Product Lifecycle Challenges

June 21, 2022 by Silicon Expert
Topics Covered
  • Importance of Product Selection
  • Lifecycle Plan Disruptors
  • Supply Chain Planning

White Paper Overview

It is unrealistic for an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to expect that a product lifecycle plan can be executed from design and development to production and delivery in today’s global business climate. Accepting this and executing on a solid supply chain strategy that ensures uninterrupted manufacturing cycles and customer satisfaction, is key to profitability.

Where to start? 

As is so prevalent today, component shortages, volatile geo-risk situations, EOL announcements, counterfeit parts, and more are directly impacting development, procurement, and product delivery. These disruptors could potentially drain millions from your bottom line. This white paper examines the external disruptors that impact an OEM’s supply chain and the five “Ps” for effective product lifecycle planning. These are critical components of best practices parts- management and product life cycle planning strategies.

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