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Portability is Key to Competitiveness For PCB Manufacturers

Whitepaper Overview

The ability to efficiently move the manufacturing of a product from one physical location to another is critical for any PCB assembly company. Whether your company has in-house manufacturing with several factories available, or it is a company that uses different equipment manufacturers to make your products, it's incredibly likely that your company has experienced the substantial challenges posed by product lines from one factory to another.

When a product originally arrives at the first factory location, the new product introduction (NPI) phase includes the definition of all product-specific data. This data includes all PCB-related information -- specifically, the panel, part, and package data of each component to be placed and ultimately how to build the product.

In this whitepaper, you will learn how the Valor Process Preparation software solution includes everything needed to change an outdated process while enabling full portability of products between factories and between different machine vendors.

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