Industry White Paper

Poster: Evolution of In-Vehicle Networks

March 01, 2024 by Rohde & Schwarz
Topics Covered
  • In-Vehicle Network Test Solutions
  • Domain Controllers

Poster Overview

Developments in Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) are creating a new approach to In-Vehicle Network (IVN) architecture design. With today’s vehicles containing at least a hundred ECUs, the current distributed network architecture has reached the limit of its capabilities. The automotive industry is now focusing on a domain or zonal controller architecture to simplify network design, reduce weight & cost and maximize performance.

A domain controller can replace the functions of many ECUs to enable high-speed communications, sensor fusion and decision-making, as well as supporting high speed interfaces for cameras, radar and LiDAR sensors. This poster graphically represents the development of IVNs from the past to the present and future then provides guidance on how to test them.