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Power Integrity Measurements With R&S®RTP Oscilloscopes

January 06, 2021 by Rohde & Schwarz Download PDF

Whitepaper Overview

Performing power integrity measurements on power rails with small voltages and increasingly tighter tolerances is a challenge using standard oscilloscopes. Using standard 500 MHz passive probes with 10:1 attenuation can contribute to measurement noise, overstating the peak-to-peak voltage and masking signal content. The problem with standard probes is that they do not have sufficient bandwidth to isolate coupled signals. 

This whitepaper by Rohde & Schwarz shows how R&S®RTP oscilloscopes can perform more accurate power rail measurements by isolating coupled signals. R&S®RTP oscilloscopes utilize R&S®RT-ZPR20 and R&S®RT-ZPR40 power rail probes with a 1:1 attenuation ratio, very low noise, and sufficient bandwidth to preserve critical signal content. 

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