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Optimal Crimps for Production Efficiency

September 08, 2020 by TE Connectivity

Whitepaper Overview

There are few things in the world of electrical assembly that appear more straightforward than crimping wires to terminals. A stripped wire is inserted into a short metal tube called a wire barrel. A crimping tool then compresses the wire barrel tightly around the strands of the stripped wire, forming one homogeneous metal. No solder, heat, or flux is needed, and the job is done in moments. Its simplicity is why the solderless terminal remains one of the most popular connectors on the market for more than seventy years.

Solderless terminals are one of the lowest cost components in a system, but the repercussions of a bad crimp can be crippling. There is much more complexity to the process than meets the eye. Unfortunately, many people in the industry overlook the fundamentals of a good crimp and unknowingly put the integrity of their products at risk. One guiding principle must be followed to ensure a good crimp — tool and terminal must come from the same manufacturer.

In this whitepaper from TE Connectivity, learn the importance of using the right tools for your industrial application. 

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