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Programmable Power Supplies for Simulating Fuel Cell Characteristics

February 01, 2021 by EA Elektro-Automatik Download PDF

Application Note Overview

In any application that utilizes hydrogen fuel cells, it is essential for engineers to first create a test environment to monitor important metrics, such as cell fuel, temperature, pressure, supply, and exhaust air. This test helps to reduce the preparation time in the R&D phase, speeding up the time to market for new products. The “FC” (Fuel Cell) function on the EA Elektro-Automatik power supply is used to accurately simulate the I-U curve of a fuel cell. 

This application note by EA Elektro-Automatik outlines the use of programmable power supplies for simulating fuel cell characteristics in custom applications. EA Elektro-Automatik’s power supply series PSI 10000 and PSB 10000 feature an IU function based on an XY generator. They allow users to program a power supply to set a DC current depending on the actual voltage on a DC terminal.

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