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Radio Fundamentals for Cellular Networks: Laying the Foundation for Future Cellular Systems

May 21, 2020 by Rohde and Schwarz


Cellular technology has rapidly advanced from first-generation (1G) analog technology to advanced, high-performance fourth-generation (4G) and fifth-generation (5G) systems. Yet despite an increase in complexity, cellular technology maintains a set of common principles that form the basis behind cellular system design.

Rohde and Schwarz is a technology and market leader in shaping the future of wireless communication and network technology. With the rapid evolution of cellular technology, Rohde and Schwarz aims to not only provide test equipment before mass deployment of new technology, but also provide knowledge and training to handle the increasing technical challenges of emerging wireless sytems.

Without cellular networks, smartphones and IoT devices would be unable to wirelessly communicate. This communication is vital to most, as these devices are prominently used as daily drivers. While 3G and 4G are still widely utilized globally, 5G Technology has started to appear and will continue to become more prevalent through 2030. Many of the same principles will likely be incorporated into 6G systems, regardless of what that standard may be. 

By exploring radio network composition, interfaces, and protocols alongside cellular network processes, users can better understand emerging trends and existing key features and common attributes of 3G and 4G that will pave the way for new technology for years to come.

In this Rohde and Schwarz white paper, explore the basic principles that form the basis of cellular system design, and examine the underlying technologies laying the foundation for future cellular systems.

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