Industry White Paper

Reduced Capabilities (RedCap) — A New Class Of 5G Devices

June 01, 2023 by Rohde & Schwarz
Topics Covered
  • Technical Evolution of IoT and Motivation for RedCap
  • RedCap-Related Bandwidth Part Aspects
  • RedCap Information Signaling and Network Access Restrictions
  • Power Saving Features and Technologies

White Paper Overview 

To meet the requirements of IoT devices that need smaller, less complex, lower-cost RF solutions with better battery life than existing 5G offerings, 5G Release 17 introduced a feature that makes this possible: Reduced Capability (RedCap).This white paper is to present the major technology aspects of the RedCap technology extension of the 5G system on both sides, user equipment and network, as well as presenting power saving and coverage extension of 5G reduced capability. We will provide you with a concise overview of RedCap, describe the impact of RedCap on the UE design and the operation within a 5G network.