Industry White Paper

Reliability Verification in the Cloud Delivers Significant Runtime Benefits

April 25, 2022 by Siemens Digital Industries Software
Topics Covered
  • Initial Planning and Setup
  • Choosing a Cloud Service Model
  • Initial Setup Overview

White Paper Overview

In parallel with the continuous drive to smaller process nodes, the complexity and number of reliability checks has grown immensely. Long gone are the days where critical paths could be hand-selected and visually inspected. Today’s integrated circuit (IC) designs need robust electronic design automation (EDA) solutions that provide automated reliability verification to have any hope of getting to tapeout on schedule.

In this white paper by Siemens, we look at reliability verification in the cloud, a discussion of understanding the types and numbers of machines that will provide maximum benefit and understanding the cost/ benefit relationship of cloud computing can help companies determine the configuration that provides the greatest returns.

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