Industry White Paper

Renesas’ Zero Standby Power Applications

August 28, 2023 by Renesas Electronics
Topics Covered
  • Achieving Zero Standby Power in Higher Power Applications
  • Zero Standby Power Solutions
  • Enabling Efficient Power Supply Designs

White Paper Overview 

Vampire power, the wasted energy consumed by devices in standby or off-mode, has become a pressing concern, contributing significantly to household energy wastage. Various regulatory bodies, including the EU Commission and the US Department of Energy, are mandating stringent power consumption limits for appliances and electronics in standby mode. The main AC/DC converter plays a pivotal role in meeting these power constraints and enabling Zero Standby Power (ZSP). ZSP refers to the ability of a device to achieve near-zero power consumption during standby, maintaining bias on essential circuits while keeping power usage within prescribed limits.

This white paper underscores the critical significance of addressing vampire power through ZSP AC/DC converters. As household energy consumption and environmental concerns take center stage, innovative solutions that align with evolving regulations are paramount. Renesas' decade-long leadership in this realm exemplifies the potential of digital control to achieve ZSP, enabling efficient power supply designs that align with stringent standards. As industries continue to evolve and regulators push for greener practices, the role of ZSP AC/DC converters in enhancing energy efficiency remains indispensable.