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Selecting GaN or SiC Devices in High-Voltage Switching Technologies

January 04, 2021 by Avnet Silica Download PDF

Whitepaper Overview

Achieving zero losses during switching applications is the dream of every engineer. However, there is always some power dissipation in practical switches due to some voltage being present across the switch during the on-state and non-zero transition times. Nonetheless, engineers can achieve the lowest possible switching losses by applying the right IGBT, superjunction, SiC, and GaN technologies.  

This whitepaper by Avnet will take a look at the main factors engineers need to consider to select GaN or SiC MOSFET devices for high-voltage switching applications. Using practical examples, this whitepaper covers essential tips, such as checking the operating conditions, ascertaining application requirements, and choosing the right device based on the switching frequency kHz-voltage range. 

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