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Simplify Railway Field Maintenance with R&S®Scope Rider RTH User Apps

Whitepaper Overview

Oscilloscopes are basic everyday instruments for engineers and electricians. Maintenance tasks, however, sometimes require very specific measurements that are not available as standard functionality or are difficult to set up manually. With the R&S®RTH-K38 user scripting option, engineers can now design their own measurement function and a simple user interface.

Railway engineers often need to verify the quality of electric communications signals, for example to determine the position of a train on its track. This is usually done by dividing the track into sections of rail with alternating frequencies, typically 95 Hz and 105 Hz. When a train is located within a specific section, the wheels short circuit the signal, indicating the position of the train to the receiver. If the isolation between sections or other electrical systems (e.g. the power distribution system) is not sufficient, unwanted noise signals can interfere, making train detection unreliable. Verifying the isolation of the track at various frequencies is a necessary maintenance task in railway service operations.

In this whitepaper from Rohde & Schwarz, learn about how to use this unique feature for railway maintenance work.

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