Industry White Paper

Space-based Design— Challenges, Use Case, and Choosing the Right Connectors

July 29, 2022 by Cinch Connectivity Solutions
Topics Covered
  • Problems Related to Space Applications
  • Example: Low Earth Orbit Satellite
  • Connector Solutions for Space
  • Solutions for Space Cabling

White Paper Overview 

Designing products destined for space, whether a small LEO satellite or a flight capsule with passengers onboard, can be exceptionally challenging. In addition to the usual specifications involved with interconnect solutions, there are also national and international standards for performance and material selection as well as issues such as the effects of radiation, extreme operating environments, and SWaP constraints.

This white paper by Cinch Connectivity Solutions discusses several concerns to consider when selecting components for space applications, while also touching on relevant standards and key problem areas. It also provides an in-depth example—low earth orbit (LEO) satellites—before discussing some specific connectors suitable for space applications with these challenges in mind.