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Steps For Ensuring PCB Assembly Success With Valor NPI

Whitepaper Overview

Today, more than ever, as customer demand patterns become more volatile, performance and productivity are under threat. Across the industry, there is rapidly increasing pressure on engineering and materials infrastructures. Manufacturing processes need to match product requirements in an efficient manner that supports quality. The manufacturing product model is one of the most significant uncontrolled variables that directly affects manufacturing and designers: if issues are first caught when the manufacturing/production processes have started, it's already too late. The stakes in this area are quite real: one mistake can mean missed production cycles and a lagging market impact.

This paper discusses the eight steps needed to ensure PCB assembly success, and it examines how Siemens Valor NPI tools can help you achieve that success.

This paper covers how the Valor NPI solution can help with

  • Thoroughly understanding the product
  • Taking thousands of products and performing optimization for the whole shop-floor
  • Ensuring readiness to make anything, anytime, in any quantity
  • Real-time data
  • Exception management
  • Assurance, conformance, and compliance 

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