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Tackling EMC Emissions Earlier in the Design Process Proves Advantageous

October 18, 2017 by Download PDF

Ensuring that hardware conforms with the relevant electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) regulations is an important part of any electronic design project. As initially all the focus tends to be on achieving the performance benchmarks set and dealing with space constraints, robustness concerns, etc., far too often EMC is not addressed early on. Instead, it gets left until the later stages. However, by holding off EMC compliance testing until the last minute, engineering teams are leaving the design vulnerable to major problems. They are running the risk of additional costs being accrued and project delays occurring. Such circumstances will impact on the end product’s time to market. In some cases it will lead to a complete redesign needing to be done, meaning the all the work previously put into the project has quite simply been wasted. By taking the EMC element into account sooner, product development cycles can be kept on schedule and within budget. 

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