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Teleoperation: Remote Operation of Connected & Autonomous Vehicles

January 26, 2021 by Rohde & Schwarz Download PDF

Application Note Overview

Innovators from around the world are trying to disrupt the automotive industry by developing autonomous vehicles, which may eventually obviate the need for human drivers at all. The future of driving (and driving safety) rests in software algorithms and sensor data - and not human drivers - to make decisions. In spite of increasingly robust "smart" systems in cars, there are many edge cases when the on board computer fails to decide what to do next. 

One potential "fix" to these edge cases involves a cellular link that enables a remote human driver to operate a vehicle remotely. There are multiple potential applications for this scenario, including fleet management systems and remote controlling vehicles that operate in hazardous environments like mines, excavation sites, etc. Comprehensive test and measurement capabilities for these application areas are a key part of the design cycle.

In this application note from Rohde & Schwarz, we will discuss how LTE and 5G enable teleoperation and how development and validation teams can test teleoperation in a lab environment.

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