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Testing EV Electric Motors and Controllers

September 30, 2020 by EA Elektro-Automatik Download PDF

Application Note Overview

Each year vehicle electrification continues to increase, with all signs pointing to this trend accelerating in the future. Some of the factors contributing to this development are the increasing use of hybrid and fully electric vehicles to meet “green energy” goals, the desire for the greater reliability that electronic components generally provide, and the need to reduce automotive recalls.

Electric Motor and Drivetrain (Electric Mobility) Testing is a critical part of bringing any electric drivetrain into production. In this paper,the requirements for an electric drivetrain test cell are discussed. The implementations of such test cells are described, and examples of test results are provided. The energy and power requirements for three-phase motor and controller, Unit Under Test (UUT) connected through a common dc bus are described.

In this application note from EA Elektro-Automatik, learn more about testing an E-Motor and Controller for electric vehicles.

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