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The Architecture of 5G Networks

July 21, 2020 by ON Semiconductor

eBook Overview 

If you use a cellular device, chances are you have probably heard of 5G. It’s no secret that the Fifth Generation of Cellular Network Technology (5G) has already begun to deploy in multiple regions around the world. The 5G network offers unique benefits that differentiate it from its predecessors, consisting of a more dynamic and diverse structure than the traditional networks of previous generations such as 4G.

The 5G network upgrade provides higher bandwidths, data rates, and lower latency, and can also support more devices, enabling a broad range of new applications. From seamless mobile broadband and autonomous vehicles to smart factories and much more, 5G offers new improvements to the cellular network that haven’t yet been made possible. 

In this informative eBook from ON Semiconductor, learn more about the architecture of 5G networks and what makes 5G unique. Also dive into the specifics about the benefits and potential drawbacks of 5G, the network’s structure, and what goes into powering it. 

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