Industry White Paper

The LPC865 - An I3C IO Bridge Solution

October 26, 2023 by NXP Semiconductors
Topics Covered
  • I3C – The “New” I2C
  • LPC865 Positioning
  • LPC865 Physical Packaging, Flexible Switch Matrix, and GPIO
  • MIDI Interface

White Paper Overview

The LPC865 is the newest addition to the low-power, low-pin count, and space-efficient LPC800 series. There are numerous applications that fit with the LPC865 cost, package availability, and unique peripheral set. A large focus area of the LPC865 will be motor control applications as it has two powerful Flex Timer Modules (FTM). The LPC865 motor control use cases span from simple brushless DC machines to Field Oriented Control for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines (PMSM). Download this white paper from NXP to explore a use case that utilizes one of LPC865’s most distinguishing features. An I3C interface.