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Thermal Management for BEVs with TDK Sensor Solutions Optimized by Computer-Aided Modeling

March 03, 2022 by TDK Electronics Download PDF

White Paper Overview

The move to e-mobility comes with significant demands. Using electricity exclusively for both motive power and auxiliary features introduces entirely new electromechanical architectures and sub-systems into the automotive domain.

One of the main challenges with developing BEVs (Battery Electric Vehicles) is ensuring all systems can operate efficiently from a single power source. Without an internal combustion engine, all of the electronic systems rely on the BEV’s battery for their power. Managing that single source of energy requires complex and sophisticated battery, power and thermal management systems. Close attention must be paid to the response behavior of temperature sensors in all relevant measuring positions.

In this industry white paper, viewers can expect to:

  • Learn why energy efficiency so important in BEVs.
  • Find the balance between power, performance and lifetime.
  • Learn temperature and pressure sensor accuracy.
  • Discover response time measurement and application-specific simulation.

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