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Thermoelectric Cooling for Security Cameras

November 10, 2020 by Laird Thermal Systems

Application Note Overview

The use of outdoor cameras have seen a massive influx with the rise in security monitoring by government and private security agencies. Security cameras are installed with an objective to reduce crime or to improve public safety. CCTV and IP security cameras are installed on every corner in cities, outside hotels and retail stores, all around entertainment venues, stadiums and other commercial and industrial properties. Thermal cameras (infrared sensing) are now often used to improve facility and border security at night. And most recently, thermal cameras have been implemented to detect people’s body temperatures as a security and safety measure in the fight against COVID-19.

No matter the camera technology implemented, it is critical that the optimum operating temperature of sensitive imaging components is maintained during use to ensure high quality images. Active thermoelectric coolers utilizing the Peltier effect offer advanced thermal management solutions. These thermoelectric devices meet the size constraints and high temperature rating required for optoelectronics implemented in outdoor security cameras.

This Application Note from Laird Thermal Systems provides an overview of the HiTemp ETX Series high-performance thermoelectric cooler, which is said to be capable of surviving temperatures of up to 302°F, making it well-suited for spot cooling in outdoor security camera applications. 

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