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Today’s IoT Hacking Tools and How to Beat Them with Security by Design

February 02, 2022 by BG Networks Download PDF

White Paper Overview

IoT device security is becoming an increasing concern as the devices proliferate across networks and begin to carry sensitive and personal data. This makes them enticing targets for hackers. Threats include hardware tools that can extract code/data, modify memory, and affect the device while running. Meanwhile, the software these hackers use can help with decompilation of code, emulation of operating systems, and emulation of specific embedded processor instruction sets.

In this white paper from BG Networks, you will learn about the multiple levels of security that you should be implementing in your IoT designs to counter these threats. BG Networks makes embedded security easy and quick to implement so your designers can focus on what they do best! BG Networks has the know-how and expertise to develop software that correctly implements these building blocks of security in your IoT devices. You can rely on these tools to implement cybersecurity correctly to give you peace of mind that your designs are secure.

Not sure what security features your next design needs? BG Networks embedded security experts can help you with your processing platform selection and security architecture design.

Our Security Automation Tools allow you to:

  • Add security to your IoT devices even if you don’t have an extensive cybersecurity background
  • Save time and R&D costs
  • Enable security for trusted operation of IoT devices

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