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Top 6 Autonomous Vehicle Use Cases You Need to Read

April 27, 2020 by Avnet Silica


Automotive solutions rely on electronic systems to implement autonomous capability in vehicles. With this capability, the electronic system can meet real-time processing requirements and interface with a range of high- and low-bandwidth sensors. Autonomous capabilities provide a secure and safe implementation that prevents unauthorized access and modification — and ensures safe operation and graceful degradation.

Within the autonomous vehicle space, several key systems must be developed:

  • Autonomous vision systems
  • Automotive RADAR
  • Sensor aggregation and processing
  • Safety certification
  • Occupant monitoring
  • Vehicle-to-vehicle and infrastructure communication

In this Avnet Silica e-book, explore the challenges engineers face in the creation of these key systems, and identify how Xilinx technologies and ecosystem can help overcome such challenges.

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