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Ultralow Noise, High Current, Compact DC-to-DC Converter Solution for Signal and Data Processing Circuits

July 12, 2021 by Analog Devices Download PDF

White Paper Overview

Data processing ICs—such as field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), systems on a chip (SoCs), and microprocessors—continually increase their reach into telecommunications, networking, industrial, automotive, avionics, and defense systems. One common thread throughout these systems is ever-increasing processing power, resulting in corresponding increases in raw power requirements. Designers are well aware of the thermal management problems of high-power processors but may not consider the thermal management issues of power supplies. Not unlike the transistor-packed processors themselves, worst-case thermal problems are inevitable when low core voltages require high current—the overall trend for the power supplies for all data processing systems.

This white paper covers the following:

  • Conversion Ratio, Size, and Thermal Considerations
  • Reducing Size While Improving EMI and Thermal Performance, and Efficiency
  • Monolithic Radiators
  • Differential Voltage Sensing for High Current Loads
  • Monitoring Output Current
  • Parallel Operation for Higher Currents and Better Thermal Performance

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