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Understanding How to Use Ferrite Beads in a SiC Gate Driver Design

October 27, 2020 by Wolfspeed Download PDF

Whitepaper Overview

Often used with switching transistors and high-power electronics to filter out noise in power supply lines, ferrite beads employ magnetic materials to produce a lossy inductance when inserted into a circuit. While ferrite beads themselves can be relatively simple in their design (e.g., singular holes, plural holes/turns, toroidal, solenoidal), their applicational design considerations can range in complexity. From power supply filtering and noise suppression on PCBs to common-mode chokes on multiconductor cabling, ferrite beads offer EMC solutions to a wide range of applications.

Understanding basic ferrite bead parameters is critical for appropriately inserting ferrite beads into a particular application to suppress EMI. One such application is the installation of a ferrite at the gate of a silicon carbide (SIC) gate driver to dampen any ringing and unwanted resonances.

In this white paper from Wolfspeed, learn best practices as it relates to the use of ferrite beads in a SiC gate driver design.

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