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Using Bidirectional Programmable DC Power Supplies For Battery Testing

September 27, 2021 by EA Elektro-Automatik Download PDF

Application Note Overview

In today’s fast-paced world the need to create quicker, more mobile mechanical devices is steadily increasing. One primary method for doing this is to replace traditional gas powered or plugged-in devices with battery power. Batteries have become smaller and increasingly efficient as a result. In order to keep up with the rate of technology advancement, the equipment used to test advanced technology must also be advanced, flexible and responsive.

This application note provides a closer look at the PSB bidirectional programmable DC power supply series by EA Elektro-Automatik. The reader will learn how the PSB bidirectional supply can seamlessly switch between providing power to charge the battery and controlling the discharge of the battery. This resource also provides guidance on building a robust battery test system to ensure the safety and proper functioning of all test equipment and batteries under test.

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