Industry White Paper

Using Physical and Scalable Simulation Models to Evaluate Parameters and Application Results

October 19, 2022 by onsemi
Topics Covered
  • "On" Static Region Curves
  • Transfer Characteristic versus Temperature
  • Output Capacitance
  • Breakdown Voltage
  • Boost Power Stage

White Paper Overview 

Physical and scalable modeling technique is an advanced SPICE modeling approach based on process and layout parameters which enables design optimization through a direct link between SPICE, physical design, and process technology.  The models’ accuracy allows the user to extract device parameters (like in a data sheet) for a given operating point when these parameters are not in the data sheet. Key information, like junction temperature, can be also monitored to determine the device mission profile used in reliability calculations.

This white paper will focus on simple simulation schematic description to extract device parameters like on resistance and output capacitor values as a function of the operating point. The difference between models with and without thermal dependency will be also explained. The paper will also describe the results (like junction temperature, losses,...) obtained on a full boost stage diagram.