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Verification Methods of Snubber Circuits in Flyback Converters

July 08, 2021 by Rohde & Schwarz Download PDF

Application Note Overview

Beside the common advantages of a flyback converter, it has inherently parasitic components which typically produce ringing waveforms with considerably high voltage spikes. Without suppressing this unwanted ringing, it may have some negative effect on other components like the switching elements. This ringing can also influence the EMI emissions adversely. Therefore, it is necessary to adequately suppress and damp the ringing effect. This damping circuit is known as snubber circuit. In the flyback converter, different snubber structures can be applied and each of the structures has its advantages and disadvantages.

The demand for having a snubber circuit in the power supply topology leads to specific verification methods during the design to obtain a proper and reliable design. These verification methods are the main focus of the discussions within this document.

Topics Explored:

  • Isolated Flyback Converters
  • Flyback Snubber Design

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