Industry White Paper

VNA Measurement Guide

September 01, 2023 by Siglent
Topics Covered
  • VNA Pre-set and Calibration File
  • Using E-Cal module
  • TRL vs E-Cal Calibration
  • Parameters to Consider for Calibration and Measurement
  • Port Extensions
  • Measuring S-Parameters and Calibration
  • Phase Matched Adaptors

Guide Overview 

Check out Siglent's complete Guide for VNA Measurements. From E-calibration and port extensions to S-parameters, learn how to get the most out of critical measurement systems while saving time and money. With over 70 pages of measurement setup, processes, and results, this is an excellent resource for engineers just getting into vector network measurements as well as engineers looking to confidently move past obsolete instrumentation constantly in need of calibration and repair.