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What to Consider Before Selecting a PCB Design Tool

Whitepaper Overview

The electronic design automation (EDA) industry is a highly competitive one. However, while keeping production costs low remains a priority, it is the differentiating qualities and capabilities of printed circuit board (PCB) design solutions more than initial cost differences, that help companies save more time and money in the long run. PCB design tools fraught with errors can rack up significant costs and downtime when building out electronic products. Best-in-class PCB design solutions should meet requirements for designing PCBs optimally, reliably, cost-effectively, and in a single pass. 

There are several considerations to keep in mind when purchasing a PCB design tool to ensure that the product offers all the necessary features and capabilities that help reduce product costs while accelerating time-to-market and ensuring product reliability. This whitepaper by Siemens Digital Industries Software discusses seven key design tool differentiators engineers need to consider before buying or replacing a PCB design tool or flow.

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