Industry White Paper

White Paper: Evolving Your ADAS and AV Tests with Emulation Capabilities

June 22, 2022 by Keysight Technologies
Topics Covered
  • The Complexity of Radar Sensor Test
  • Reimagine Test Tactics
  • Setting Up Your AV for Success
  • In-Lab Full-Scene Emulation

White Paper Overview

Miniaturized radar target simulators (mRTS) are enabling design and test engineers to emulate complete traffic scenes to train their ADAS and autonomous driving algorithms. Scientists from Keysight Labs combined mRTS technology with the concept of pixelation to create "rixels". A 64-by-8 array of these mRTS rixels are used to form a wall of RF front ends in the Keysight Radar Scene Emulator, which can emulate dynamic real-world traffic scenarios experienced by automotive radar sensors. This method covers more test cases compared with radar test systems that rely on mechanically moving parts. In addition, it is more stable, predictable, repeatable, and reliable.

In this white paper by Keysight Technologies, explore the evolution of radar sensors, a critical part of ADAS / AV systems.