Industry White Paper

Why Smart IoT Modules Are the Enabler for Advanced, Intelligent Edge Devices

April 03, 2024 by Quectel
Topics Covered
  • Transforming Industries with Smart IoT Modules
  • Smart IoT Modules Build on Firm Foundations from SoCs
  • Why Smart Modules Are Needed
  • Opportunity Knocks for Smart Module-Enabled Systems
  • A Smarter World

White Paper Overview 

Smart modules are increasingly key to edge computing — the wider industry must understand how to make the most of their potential.

Across IoT, organizations are looking to control their costs by optimizing the location of their compute power. Some see cloud or edge as the core computing resource — but thanks to the advances in chip technology, more can be done on the device itself. The reality is that a blend of cloud, edge and device-based intelligence will be used to enable ultra-low latency decision-making and enablement of complex processes and functions. However, the simultaneous arrival of 5G alongside smart IoT modules means devices can do more with fewer components.

The benefits of smart IoT modules are clearly understood today as IoT organizations seek to add features to their devices without destabilizing fundamental design. Smart IoT modules offer significant efficiencies in terms of power consumption, space occupied within a device, the BOM cost and the simplified integration and vendor relationships of a minimized number of components. These attributes are critical to the success of IoT deployments but they cannot come at the cost of delayed time-to-market. To learn how smart IoT modules can enable the next wave of digital transformation, download the white paper here.