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Your Product Isn’t Secure Without These Key Embedded Security Building Blocks

February 02, 2022 by BG Networks Download PDF

White Paper Overview

The building blocks of cyber security are the basic elements needed to make an IoT device secure. A defense-in-depth security architecture can be built on these elements and establish a foundation for future more sophisticated security approaches. It all begins with the root of trust which is can be established by hardware within many of today’s embedded microprocessors or with dedicated Trusted Platform Modules (TPM).

To make the implementation of these critical security building blocks easier BG Networks offers a suite of security automation tools. These tools can be used even by those with limited or no cybersecurity experience. For those who are experts, these tools will save time by making it easy to take advantage of the security features built into embedded microprocessors and microcontrollers.

In this white paper, learn about useful cybersecrity automation tools that are accessible to both amateurs and experts.

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