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KEMET KONNEKT Capacitors | Featured Product Spotlight

September 06, 2019 by Mouser Electronics

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KEMET KONNEKT U2J surface mount MLCCs are leadless, high-density multi-chip capacitors designed for high efficiency and high ripple current capability.

KONNEKT technology uses copper-tin transient liquid phase sintering, or TLPS, to bond capacitors in a leadless, stacked configuration, enabling higher density packaging. The process is RoHS compliant and lead-free, is compatible with standard MLCC reflow profiles, and has a -55°C to +125°C operating temperature range.

The capacitors use a U2J dielectric, which is a Class I dielectric with stability similar to C0G dielectrics. It offers a negligible change in capacitance with respect to DC and AC voltage, and it has a linear and predictable change in capacitance with respect to ambient temperature.

When combined with KEMET’s ultrastable U2J dielectric, KONNEKT enables a low-loss, low inductance package capable of handling extremely high ripple currents in the hundreds of kilohertz.

The capacitors offer extremely low ESR and ESL, and U2J KONNEKT capacitors can also be mounted in a low-loss orientation to further increase their power handling capability. The low-loss orientation lowers ESR and ESL, which increases ripple current handling capability. In this configuration, KEMET’s KONNEKT U2J 1812 1.4µF capacitor can handle ripple currents up to 34ARMS at 200kHz.

KONNEKT U2J capacitors are available in two-chip 0.94µF or three-chip 1.4µF variants. They are rated for 50V and are ideal for 48V power architectures, wireless charging systems, wide bandgap systems, and more. 

To learn more about KEMET’s KONNEKT U2J surface mount multi-chip MLCCs, visit

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