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Toshiba Configurable High-Side Power Switch Solution

Toshiba’s TCK401G Driver IC and SSM6K513NU MOSFET can be paired to create a high-efficiency load switch ideal for wearables and other devices.  

The SSM6K513NU N-channel MOSFET features a small SOT-1220 package, offers low RDS(ON) and gate leakage, and can handle up to 15A of drain current.  

The TCK401G driver has a 2.7V to 28V input operating voltage, very low quiescent current, and a chip-scale package that is 1.2mm x 0.8mm with a thickness of 0.55mm.  

This combination results in a small footprint ideal for use as a 100W load switch with USB Type-C connectors for a minimum total footprint. The solution also reduces heat from conduction losses by up to 40% compared to a conventional solution.

  • SSM6K513NU: RDS(ON) as low as 6.5mΩ
  • SSM6K513NU: ±100nA gate leakage (max)
  • TCK401G: 2.7V to 28V input voltage
  • Packages: SOT-1220 (SSM6K513NU) and WCSP6E (TCK401G)
  • Load switch capable of 100W in small area
  • Reduces heat from conduction loss by up to 40%

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