With Marvell's Execute in Place (XIP) technology, devices with only 512 KB of RAM can now run impressive JavaScript applications.

Good news for those engineers looking for a way to utilize JavaScript on tiny devices: Marvell has just announced two new hardware prototyping products that allow innovators the ease and familiarity of integrating JavaScript into embedded and IoT solutions. This is important since JavaScript is a nearly universal programming language, and the ability to implement it into small devices can speed up the rate at which prototypers and manufacturers innovate and release products. 

The open source KinomaJS application framework is our most advanced software technology for customers, partners, and developers building on Marvell silicon," commented Weili Dai, President and Co-Founder of Marvell.

The latest release of JavaScript (the 6th edition) was the most robust update since the programming language was invented, and this latest edition provides the correct foundation for connecting IoT products. Kinoma's XS6 JavaScript engine is the answer to running JavaScript on especially small platforms: it's fast, powerful, tiny, and comprehensive.  Embedded developers can now produce mass-market hardware without the constraints of obscure and unforgiving programming languages. Kinoma's two new connected hardware prototyping products are the Element and the HD. The Kinoma Element combines a 200 MHz CPU, 512 KB of RAM, and Wi-Fi and has a pair of 8-pin expansion ports that makes it easily programmable and adaptable. Plus, the native ARM code runs directly from flash memory through the Cortex M4, saving valuable RAM.

The Kinoma HD is a plug-and-play stick that displays rich visual content on large displays. It's the size of a thumb drive but inordinately powerful: Kinoma HD has 256 MB of RAM, is connected with Wi-Fi g/n/ac, and has HDMI output of 1080p/720p.Marvell's devices certainly make prototyping much easier, but also indicate the rise of advanced programming languages being compatible with increasingly smaller products, important in an age where elements of entire homes will be connected.

SOURCE: Marvell


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