Sensors Expo 2019: What You Need to Know

June 25, 2019 by Gary Elinoff

Sensors Expo 2019 begins in San Jose today with over 7,000 attendees and a host of education events for EEs.

Sensors Expo 2019 begins in San Jose today with over 7,000 attendees and a host of education events for EEs.

Sensors Expo & Conference has been around for over 30 years and is the largest conference in North America with a focus on sensors and sensor-integrated systems. This year’s event will host over 7,000 attendees and more than 350 exhibitors.

Taking accurate and precise readings with a sensor is no longer enough. The new world of the IoT has laid open a new vista of challenges—and opportunities. Clusters of engineers anywhere on earth can now monitor thousands of sensor points on an oil pipeline or a nuclear power plant from thousands of miles away. 

The value of an individual sensor reading is now vastly multiplied. That’s why this show is moving with the technological times, highlighting connectivity along with the sensors themselves. Indeed, there is actually more attention given connecting the sensors at this year’s show than the sensors, themselves!


Image altered from Sensors Expo and Conference

Exhibitors and Floor Plan for Sensors 2019

The show is huge, and there are all too many events scheduled simultaneously. The attendee will have some hard choices to make. So, first things first, here’s a complete exhibitor list and floor plan

It opens up with the floor plan. On the top left, hitting the Exhibitor List button will display a list of exhibitors. The Adv Search button allows the viewer to select topics such as “Fiber Optics” or “Chemical/Gas”. If the topic of you search isn’t listed you can enter it manually via the Keyword Search.

The show’s pantheon of exhibitors includes:

  • Analog Devices
  • Diodes Incorporated
  • Fujitsu
  • GE
  • Honeywell
  • Maxim
  • Microsoft
  • Mie Fujitsu
  • NASA Technology Transfer Program
  • Qualcomm
  • Nikon
  • NXP
  • STMicroelectronics
  • TDK
  • Vishay Optoelectronics

Event Pavilions

The startup point for navigating the events pavilion is available here.  

  • Automotive
  • Energy Harvesting
  • IoT & Wireless
  • Medical Sensors
  • MEMS
  • Startups
  • University
  • New Product Showcase

The Automotive Technology Pavilion will feature Ours Technology’s LIDAR test vehicle at booth #1712, where solid-state LIDAR is the star.



The electronics industry is literally taking over the automobile business. The autonomous vehicle may still be a long way off, but driver assist systems abound. Ours Technology’s LIDAR test vehicle will be the focal point of the company’s discussion of its proprietary technology for what it describes as 5D vision for automobiles.

Event Features

These include:

  • Autonomous Vehicle Sensors Conference
  • Autotech Council Meeting: Sensor Innovation for Transportation and Mobility
  • Career Connection
  • Embedded Technologies Expo & Conference
  • IoT Ecosystem
  • IoT Forum Meetup: Computer Vision
  • Medical Sensors Design Conference
  • OSA Sensors and Sensing Conference
  • Startup Review: Focus on Sensors and Autonomous Vehicles 
  • STMicroelectronics Training Workshops
  • University Zone
  • Women in Sensors Engineering (WISE) Program
  • Next Generation Sensing: Printed Sensors

IoT Ecosystem features demos and sessions on leading companies that have integrated sensors and connectivity into IoT solutions. Topics include sessions in tele-heath, IoT Power Management Strategies and Bluetooth’s role in connecting sensors to the IoT.


Image from Sensors Expo & Conference


OSA Sensors and Sensing Conference is being held jointly with Sensors 2019. It will provide a forum for both the technical and applications sides of sensors to report the latest optical-based sensor advances, bring together major sensor developers and users, and provide a showcase for the latest sensor prototypes and products.

STMicroelectronics will offer a series of three workshops, including Simplifying Motion MEMS and Environmental Sensors Design - A Hands-On Workshop. This workshop will show you how to use the X-Nucleo IKS01A3 Sensor Board with other company products for sensor project development. The board features the LSM6DSO – IMU and LIS2DW12 accelerometers, the LPS22HH - Pressure Sensor and the STTS751 digital temperature sensor. Workshop participants will learn how the STM32CubeMX can be used to set up the sensors, log sensor data, optimize sensor configurations and leverage embedded smart sensor functions.


There will be ten tracks, each including interactive content, applications, demos, and hands-on components 

  • Chemical & Gas Sensing
  • Energy Harvesting & Power 
  • IoT & Wireless
  • MEMS 
  • Optical Sensing 
  • Process Manufacturing
  • Sensor Applications
  • Sensors Data & Advanced Analytics
  • Sensors in an AI 
  • Smart Cities

A keynote speaker, Gerardo Giaretta of Qualcomm will discuss the vital issue: What does 5G mean for the IoT. A complete list of speakers is available here.


And finally, what conference would be complete without the opportunities to informally meet your peers? Networking events include:

  • Kick Off Party & Engineering Excellence Awards
  • Sensors Reception & Best of Sensors Expo Awards
  • Networking Breakfasts   
  • Meetup Lounge