The Black Friday Breakdown

November 27, 2015 by Jennifer A. Diffley

You've been waiting all year to get your hands on some hot new components, and now's the best time! We've rounded up sites offering discounts and perks from today through Monday.

This is the day your wallet has been waiting for.

Please don't be one of those people standing in a line outside Best Buy hoping for $50 off a big screen TV. Here's our rundown of the sites offering discounts for designers, makers, builders, and dreamers:


Adafruit - 15% off sitewide.

MakerShed - Up to 70% off in its shop.

MakerBot - Five spools of true color filament for free when you purchase a MakerBot today.

Pimoroni - Lots of deals between today and Cyber Monday, including 37% off a SparkFun Arduino-compatible Mini Inventor's Kit for Redboard.

MCM Electronics - Free shipping through Monday and discounts on things like LED lights and Raspberry Pi kits.

Cooking Hacks - 30-35% on promos and 15% off the rest of its catalog.

Robot Shop - Having a Black Friday treasure hunt with loads of goodies.

Maplin  - Up to £15 off, plus free vouchers to use throughout the rest of the month.

Spark Fun -Deals on dev boards; keep checking the site as more bargains are revealed. Plus, they're offering free US shipping on orders above $75.

Little Bits - 20% off sitewide by using code THANKS at checkout.

Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger at


Seeed Studio - Having a Cyber Monday flash sale and free shipping, plus loads of great Black Friday flash sale deals like a standalone Bluetooth Bee for $10.

New Egg - Loads of deals for Black Friday, from plasma cutters to gas generators.

Radio Shack - Discounts on tons of gifts and components.

Stucco - Up to 70% off, which means an Arduino Uno starter cut will run you $53.

Pololu - Big discounts on products throughout the site and bonus items with purchases over $100.

SainsSmart - Extra 20% off with code "withParis" and orders over $150 will get expedited shipping for free.

One of the deals at Cooking Hacks.


Frys - As usual, has a dizzying amount of Black Friday deals. However, they're only offering them with a promo code if you signed up before this morning. Still worth checking out though.

Servo City - Gearing up for Cyber Monday with good stuff like 65% off wiring and free shipping on orders over $50.

DJI - Up to 25% off drones.

Think Geek - Not for components or tech, but seriously fun and they have one of the best Cyber Monday sales out there. Check them out for great gifts!

Woot - Again, not for components or dev boards, but they do have deals on electronics and computers and their surveillance cameras are steeply discounted.


We're kind of bummed that sites like DigiKey and Mouser don't hop on the Black Friday/Cyber Monday bandwagon, but as buying specialized parts becomes more of a normalcy, we're hoping they start offering deals in the future. Happy shopping!