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Ep. 18 | Seth Coe-Sullivan and NS Nanotech Are Revolutionizing Display Technology

Episode #18 / 44:20 / February 18, 2021 by Dave Finch
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This episode, Dave dives into the extraordinary world of light with Dr. Seth Coe-Sullivan to learn about nanotech display technologies and how nano-LEDs are the key to the future of healthcare.

Did you know that changing the size of a quantum dot changes the color it emits without altering any other properties? This deceptively simple fact goes down to the quantum level, where the color of a quantum dot can be controlled by changing how many nanometers across it is.

In this episode of Moore's Lobby, we're diving into what Dr. Seth Coe-Sullivan calls "the quantum weirdness" as we explore the concepts of nanotechnology and quantum dots. 


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Coe-Sullivan is the CEO, President, and co-founder of NS Nanotech, a company that is blazing trails towards the next paradigm shift in display technologies while at the same time releasing practical far-UVC products used to battle viruses in healthcare applications.

You'll hear Seth demystify many of the most complex and cutting-edge concepts that will govern how sharp and bright displays will be in the future, from AR/VR to mobile device screens to digital signage. And you'll get a crash course in nanotechnology straight from one of the leading experts in the field. 


“Quantum-dot technology, which is a subset of nanotechnology, is all about what gets weird when things get very small.”


About Dr. Seth Coe-Sullivan

Dr. Seth Coe-Sullivan is an electrical engineer, an innovator, an inventor, a former MIT researcher, and a leader in solid-state lighting and quantum dot technology.

Coe-Sullivan attended Brown University for his bachelor’s and went on to MIT to complete his doctorate, both in electrical engineering. While at MIT, he focused his thesis work on the quantum dot technology that would become the foundation for his company, QD Vision, which he co-founded and for which he served as CTO for the next 13 years.



While he’s spent a great deal of his career as a C-level leader, he’s also been an active innovator. He has over 50 papers, patents, and patents pending to his name, all centered around nanomaterials and light-emitting devices.

Along the way, he gathered accolades to his name, such as the Wall Street Journal Innovation Award and the SEMI Award for North America. His success was identified early as one of MIT Technology Review Magazine’s top innovators under 35 and one of BusinessWeek’s top entrepreneurs under 30.

He is currently on Brown University’s Engineering Advisory Council and the US National Research Council’s Committee to Develop a Research Strategy for Environmental, Health, and Safety Aspects of Engineered Nanomaterials.

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