201604 Multimeter

Yokogawa - 201604

Model 2016 consists of thermocouple type Ammeters and Voltmeters with four different measurement ranges. They are designed to provide true RMS values of inputs, so they can be used to measure high-frequency currents and voltages (DC) up to several MHz (the maximum frequency for the Voltmeter is 100 kHz). The indicator is based on a taut-band suspension system, which eliminates friction, provides good resistance to vibrations and shock impact, and ensures excellent characteristics.

  • Max Current (A): 0 (AC), 0 (DC)
  • Max Voltage (V): 0.00015 (AC), 0.00015 (DC)
  • Max Resistance (Ω): 0 (AC)
  • Capacitance Measurement: None
  • Temperature Measurement: None
  • Frequency Measurement: None
  • Transistor Test: None
  • Continuity: None