LBO 324 Oscilloscope

Leader - LBO 324

The Leader LBO-324 is a 60MHz dual-trace oscilloscope with many quality features: high fidelity pulse response, dual timebase with sweep delay and alternate sweep, flexible triggering facilities, a bright CRT display, channel 1output, and a delay line. Yet, all these features appear in a device small enough to fit in an attache case, and which weighs a mere nine pounds! Amplitude measurement accuracy is enhanced by precision step attenuators and a CRT with illuminated internal graticulc Similary, time interval measurements are enhanced by a calibrated delay-time multiplier and sweep magnification. The triggering facilities of the LBO-325 include several features that provide a near guarantee of stable triggering no matter what the signal characteristies , due to frequency-selective coupling filters, trigger holdoff, and a trigger pick-off that alternates between the two vertival channels.

Bandwidth: 60 MHz

Analog Channels: 2

Operating System: Embedded

Form Factor: Benchtop

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